Angelina Jolie`s perfect pout is down to a $4 lip balm

The 'Changeling' actress, who is renowned for having sexy full lips, swears by Shea Terra's Menthe Orange Organic Shea Lip Butter to keep her mouth soft and kissable.

The lip balm boasts a variety of unusual products including raw golden beeswax from Uganda, virgin coconut cream oil, African potato, Namibian tsamma melon seed oil, rooibos, chamomile flowers and wild Namibian plum oil.

The reasonably-priced mouth moisturiser also contains mint oil, meaning it doubles as a breath freshener.

A source said: "Angelina stockpiles the lip butter to preserve her to-die-for pout. She likes it because it also helps to freshen your breath and Angelina hates chewing gum."

Shea Terra claims the balm provides hours of dry lip relief, will protect against cracked lips and even heals cuts.

Angelina, 33, isn't the only celebrity to invest in budget beauty products.

Jennifer Aniston makes her own lip scrub by mixing half a teaspoon of sugar with water and brushing her mouth with a toothbrush, while Scarlett Johansson is a fan of a paddle hairbrush which combats split ends and costs less than $12.

Selma Blair recently revealed her secret to banishing bags under the eyes is to take a cold shower.

She explained: "When I wake up bloated, that really helps me de-puff."

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